Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sansarik world!!!

Why people are like that? Why do they hurt each-other? Why do they want themselves to be center of all events? Why they have useless self ego?

In last couple of weeks, i have been listening to conflicts happening between two/more people. Such incidents not only make affected people unhappy but other non-involved people also get affected. The reason behind the conflict is nothing but self ego and immaturity. When i sit back and think about these incidents i feel sooo pity about affected people. Just because one person wants to be center of whole; he/she is putting so many people in trouble and emotional trauma.

Recently, when my very close family member told me that she had some not so good experience with one of the other family member (why not so good because that person had hurt her ego) and she now doesn't want to keep relations with her, i simply told her that just forget it and try to be big hearted. Because of such petty issue, don't spoil your life time relations with the family; at the end that person is yours only. But i don't see her taking my simple words positively and she is still passing through bad emotional phase. Why??

Similar incident happened in my professional life. I really feel bad & de-motivated. Best part is that the people in authority are not doing any thing and keeping their eyes closed. Again it happened just because some one is feeling insecure about own existence.

From my perspective, such things happened because people feel insecure, have useless self ego, want to be in limelight all the time... I agree, all of us have self ego, but we should not use it in negative manner which eventually harm others. Let's be positive thinker and utilize own strengths instead of spending time in bitching about others. I also do so sometimes but that's human nature and my intentions are/were never to harm someone.