Sunday, June 20, 2010


Anything within limits is useful; exceeding limits, it is a poison. That is the problem of today's youth, you see – unrestrained indulgence, thinking that indulgence is good. What youth has to face in today’s world: temptation for money, for position, for wealth – this is how it all starts.

The youth have a great responsibility – not towards others, but towards themselves – to examine everything that today’s society, including their family and their parents, are teaching. Like building a compound wall around your house, character is a protection around your life. Lose the character, life is lost. It is open to anybody to shoot at you, to destroy you. Avoid all temptations and you will be good, you will grow, you will be respectable, and you will be happy.

That was for youth but it is very important for family/parents also to be available when your young kid needs you and your support the most... If they don't find your support they will find other means to recover from situation. It's very delicate age and you as a parent or a family member should help the youth to show the right direction. Most of the times this support requires lots of patience and endurance from your end but achieve it since that is worth of your kid's life.