Friday, October 22, 2010

My kid is growing...

Disha is going to be Eight this January. She is growing up really fast. When she was very little I was thinking, when will she grow up and takes care of her own things. Now when she is quite young to take care of her day to day routines, my thoughts are taking me in past. I am reminiscing  those old days. When i used to carry her - close to me, in my safe hands, with all my warmth. When she spoke her 1st letter & 1st word. When she took her 1st step - those balancing acts and efforts, looking at me with the feeling of achievement after walking that step. When she 1st time ate her food using spoon, when she sang a song (3 full lines of a song).

Now, when she converses with me, its more like talking to a friend than a mother. I am enjoying it. She is more confident, more assertive, more accepting as well rebellious (sometimes), very emotional (hardly show any), very understanding (that scare me sometime), intelligent, playful. When i look at her, I think, "Dishu you look so big. You are growing up. Please stop for a while. I want to enjoy your this age and don't want you to become mature. I want this free bird like kid."

Today, she gives me time, talks to me, want my company, likes to play with me, likes to fight with me, loves me. I can still carry her (although with struggle) and hug her as tight as i want, kiss her as long as want. She likes it, wants it, enjoys it, feels happy about it. She has started asking me "Mamma, you only mine na??". I always reply her " Yes babu... I am yours only. You are my lovely child." Not sure why she has started asking this. But she likes that I am only her possession and not anybody else's.

I always ask myself, Tomorrow, when she will be grown up and in her teen age, will she converse with me or want me and my time like now? And the answer comes "YES". I know, if now I am giving her time, tomorrow she will definitely give me time and we will have same fun as now. Although such days are far but looking at today's urban world/westernization, with exposure to televisions, cartoons and friends in school, I am worried for tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Delhi Darshan after CWG

This Sunday, my family agreed on going to have lunch at Andhra Bhavan. They serve "Andhra Thali" and somehow all of us are quite fond of Andhra Food. So, we went to DELHI. From last couple of weeks, it was all about DELHI=CWG/Kalmadi and I had not visited Delhi during CWG. So it was a pleasant surprise for me looking at CP (Connaught  Place) and India Gate & Rajpath areas of Delhi. Sharing few pics here from my Delhi Darshan after CWG.
Raj Path
President's House/Rastrapati Bhavan
Raj Path
India Gate

Thursday, October 14, 2010

And here comes Navratri !!!

Navratri - Nine nights of Garba, Dandiya, Puja, Aarti. Dashera - The day when Ravan - the demon got killed by the God Ram.

That's the ancient definition of Navratri & Dashera. Now comes to the modern world where Navratri means, masti, Garba, Dandiya, fun, food and lot more.

In Ahmedabad young girls & boys are so excited about navratri that they start preparing for coming nine days before few months. Preparations??

Oh!!! Yeah...
  • Beauty parlor appointments
  • Shopping for new Chaniya-Choli or Kediyu-Dhoti - 9 pairs
  • Shopping for matching jewelery/accessories 
  • Shopping for matching footwear
  • Ticket bookings for famous party plots where these Garba-Dandiya are going to organize.
  • and more 
Please note that this could be the outdated list since i have not attended A'bad Garba from last 10 years. In Gujarat, Dandiya nights goes till 4 or 5 in morning. Gujju enjoy it to the fullest. Nights become days and days are lazy and sleepy. I recommend each non-gujju to must visit A'bad, Vadodra, Anand during Navratri and feel the energy in the air. It will be memorable experience. For few it sounds like a madness or craziness but for gujjus its another chance of enjoyment, fun and stress free time.

Gujjus are known for their celebrations and enthusiasm for any festivals. And they are die hard fan and follower of Navratri-Garba/Dandiya. I stay in Noida - Delhi and when Navratri approaches, my search for places where dandiya party takes place starts. Now, we have a Gujarati group in Noida and this year we are organizing 3 night dandiya mahotsav in Sector-50 Community Hall. I am planning to go there and enjoy each bit of it for 3 nights. I am also a die hard fan of Dandiya and whenever on any Gujarati Channel i see garba, I start performing same in my TV room. My daughter looks at me with puzzled & questioned face. The emotion i see on her face is - "Mom what are you doing and what are you up to.... Please stop it.... :-)"  As soon as i hear sound of Garba or Dandiya music, my legs start feeling the thump and my hand start feeling the movement. Wow!! What a feeling... I think Punjabi people might be feeling same when they hear Bhangra music or song.

I have plan to enjoy all 3 nights of navratri and forget all my worries.

Happy Navratri to all!!!!