Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good to be or not??

To be sensitive is good or bad? To be perfectionist is good or bad? To be particular is good or bad? To be reliable is good or bad? To be hard-working yet keeping silence about your work is good or bad? To be loud and brag about your work is good or bad?

People who are hardworking, silent, reliable - Are they getting what they deserve? Or People who are loud, brag about their small work done, not at all perfectionist, not at all particular - Are they getting more than they deserve?

One should be what you are or one should change based on situation? One should leave own good qualities or one should stick to it?

Till date, i am able to stick to my own qualities, my culture, my roots and most of the times i never got disappointed with results. But looking at the trends, shall I change myself?


  1. Depends on what you seek from life.
    If success for you is same as the popular definition of success in the world, then one needs to adapt to the world's view of doing things right or being recognized. If there is a conflict you need to change, not the world. Else one would consider onself unhappy/unsuccessful.

    But if your idea of success and a good life is different and it does not matter to you what the popular view is, then it would be easy to remain who you originally are.

    That said, I don't think there are many ways of being a good person. It's a path more difficult and certainly less traveled and if your path is the path of being a better person, then it can't be wrong.

  2. Thanks Gunjeet. I do believe what you are saying but many times one gets influenced/demotivated by the environment and surroundings. That's when it is most difficult to remain calm, focused & motivated.

    And i think that's where family & friends are needed and provide that support system. I am lucky in that matter :)