Monday, September 13, 2010


I am missing my Ba (Dadi) a lot now than earlier. I lost her on 8th Sept and then after I am continuously thinking of her and the things I wanted to say her or time i wanted to spend with her. As a Dadi one think of her as a very orthodox and old fashioned one. But she was totally opposite - Always encouraged me to try new things, allowed me to do things my mom used to deny for. Whenever I visited her, she was sitting on her THE Chair and waiting for me. And whenever I left A'bad she was always there sitting on her THE chair in veranda to say good bye. That's her place in veranda where she sat every evening and kept an eye on what all is going on in society.

I still remember the days when she cooked great food for me when i used to come from school or college. She was an expert in cooking great gujju food; be it Undhiyu, basundi, dudh-paak, lasan ni rotli or anything. Whenever i fall sick, she cooked me lasan ni rotli and dudh. I am having chronic back pain and whenever i call A'bad, she had these 3 questions ready to ask on phone 1.) How is Kumarbhai? 2.) How is Disha? & 3.) How is your back? Keep good care of it. You are still too young to have this problem.

She was very very attached to all the kids in house. Be it her grand children (me, my brother and my cousins) or her great grand children (my daughter or my cousin's daughters). Always saved us from parents' scoldings. She was a pillar of our house after my Dada. She never took a retirement even after her grand daughter-in-law came in. Her that quality making all of us to remember her since she was always attached and involved in all sorts of conversations. She never felt lonely be it in my friends gathering or my dad's friends gathering. She had topic to talk about with everyone.

I am going to miss her a lot. My parents are in US and whenever i visit A'bad people ask me "who is there?" and i used to say proudly "My dadi is there". Now i will not have that to say. I was lucky enough to have my grandparents with me all through my childhood. I recently visited her in May and that time I could not spend quality time with her as I went there for 2-3 days. I will always regret that I wanted to say few things to her i could not tell her or wanted to spend some good time i could not do it and will never be able to do so.

I learnt a lesson that never think i will do it tomorrow, do it today. Want to say good things to someone, say it now; want to visit places, visit it now; want to try new things, try it now; want to do things you like, start it now. You do not know what will happen tomorrow.

Love you "Ba".


  1. Komal,

    I am so proud of you and thank you for even posting her most current pics. I am still not in right state of mind to talk about her or my Dad. Still crying. Some day I will talk to all of you about her. I am fortunate to have a great mother like her and father like my dad that I hope I get them as parents in my next life.



  2. U r absolutely right, we always wait for the right time to come and then realise that it has become past without our notice..

    I too will take time to recover from this and still not able to digest what happened as we always used to say Ba will witness Nishu's marriage...never expected her to leave sooooooooooooooearly, yes sooooooooo early, may sound wierd to many as everyone will think that is 85 an ealry age for heavenly exit but yes for Ba it is..
    I won't even exactly be able to describe as to what she was for me, but would surely try someday to explain that she was a mind reader and could guess from my face how i was...many things, many episodes r there but as i said still not able to rather not want to accept the fact and prepared to discuss on this...